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It very bad when you discover that certain things are hindering your satisfaction such as when you get a problem command on YouTube such as “there was a problem while playing touch to retry”. I was actually going to follow a short live streaming on a program with my Techno Camon C7 with full data invested to make the mission a success.

When I got to the streaming video on YouTube, I was mercilessly disgraced with such response after all attention and preparation to complete this program. And you know what? I could not watch the video for that day.

It didn’t just stop there….

In another day, I wanted to watch a fight between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe on WWE network since am a big fan of Roman Reigns (Lol)… Behold, there was a big fight again between me and YouTube. I quickly searched on Google to see if I could have any quick fixes or recommendations, but then I found out that lots of other android users are facing the same challenge.

No-where could I find a good recommendation or fix. I began to explore my own common sense with different split testing to find out which troubleshooting do work for me.

Boom, and here’s the quick fix for everyone.

There was a Problem while Playing Touch to Retry YouTube Android (100% fixed)

After all troubleshooting, these are the recommendations to follow in order to fix your YouTube not playing and be able to watch videos on YouTube.

Hence I forget, also to detect if your network is bad or not, simply visit on any of your desired browser and search for any video, try watching the video and see if it plays, if so, then your network is find you have to use other recommendations below.

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Close all Opened Apps on your Android

Sometime too much of Apps running on your background may cause this error and you may not know. This is the same like a Desktop Computer with lower Memory capacity which may not require too much Applications on the Background. Ensure you close all Apps running on your background.


Reboot Your Phone

When your phone have over functioned for a long time, it may be forced to be slowing and cause some Apps to malfunction. Because of this, I try making an experience in most cases like this, and behold I got a solution that most times when I restart my phone, it works perfectly on all Apps and also works for YouTube Apps on Android.

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Revert to Old version

When this case occurred on my Phone the second time, I found out that I recently updated my YouTube App. Do you know that most times, when a new App is launched, it may not have been properly tested or diagnose to find out some bugs. This may cause Apps to misbehave with certain errors. I tried to revert to the old version of YouTube and it worked for me.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Clear app data — or resetting an app. Clearing app data is a little more drastic. You’re wiping the cache, but also clearing any and all settings that go along with that app. You’re basically starting that app over, from scratch, and it’ll behave as it did the first time you installed it.

To troubleshoot your YouTube App and see the best fixes for this error, clear browser cache and cookies.

Deactivate VPNs and Ads Blockers

When I was using Turbo VPN on my Android Phone to split test CPA network, I found out that I was unable to watch videos because of ads blockers and other VPN security settings. To test and find out if your VPN is the cause of  “there was a problem while playing YouTube”, deactivate all VPNs on your phone and try watching the video again. If you recently followed all these step by steps guide to solve this and nothing happened, then leave your comment on the comment box stating further reports and we will help you as soon as possible.


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