XP Psiphon Handler APK Download Perfect All Versions: v7, v6, v5, etc

Ever heard of the xp psiphon handler.apk?

If you use and android phone then you are in the right place. Because right now I’d be showing you all of the versions of this wonderful vpn app that you can download right away and enjoy yourself.

xp psiphon handler apk

But before then, you need to know what it is all about, just incase you are new.

What is Xp Psiphon Handler?

This is a VPN app, especially, this version is very interesting because it comes with full surfing speed.

Meaning you can enjoy fast internet speed and as well a goo d UI. Many tech lovers are already enjoying the app, because it comes with a whole lot of features.

The Lovely Thing you need to know about this Version

  • Fast connection with other hotspot devices
  • Any other device can use your encrypted data connection
  • What you would love to hear is that it doesn’t come with Advertisements that tends to distract you: In other words, it’s completely ads free.

Complete Versions of the Xp psiphon handler Apk

1. Xp Psiphon Handler V7.0

This is a version you most likely want to have as it comes with  advanced and beautiful features including:

  • Extra Secured Connection
  • Zero Webview Ads
  • More Advanced Tethering

If you’d love to have this, then click here to download right away.

If above is not something you like then It’d be great you check another version as seen below.

2. Xp Psiphon Handler V6

You would not want to miss the wonderful features such as Bug free App [All bugs are fixed], Improved UI etc.

Other features include:

  • Automatic Import
  • Splash theme is enabled in this version
  • Full Secured Configuration
  • Giving you permission to clear data before opening app
  • etc..

If the version 6 is something you like, then click here to download it easily and fast.

If not, then check the next version below

3. Xp Psiphon Handler V5

If you think the xp psiphon handler version 6 is not good enough then you will love the version 5.

Here are great features of this version

  • Host Checker is not working perfectly
  • New PayLoad option is enabled [without bugs]
  • Improved the UI
  • Ip Hunter finally fixed
  • etc..

Click here to download now or check the next version below.

If you think above is still not ok for you, then you should consider checking below version.

4. Xp Psiphon Handler V4

What I love about this version is that most of the outdated and non working features are fixed totally.

You can check below for the fixes

  • Host Checker fixed finally
  • The unwanted checkbox was also removed
  • Ip Hunter Fixed

Below were added

  • xp exporter and
  • Importer were added and working greatly

If you’d love to have this last version 4, click here to download right away.

As you know, the xp psiphon handler come with new versions. We will let you know when a newer cool version is released here.

Meanwhile, share it with your friends on facebook, twitter and google plus.


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