We are Hiring

This is an opportunity for creative writers who want to make passive income online as writers.

Network Guide Nigeria is currently seeking for the application of those interested to work with an information marketing firm like N.G.N. If you are good and creative enough in writing, this could be your best chance to add extra income to your pockets.

What type of Articles do we Accept?

We accept original, unique and Google friendly articles with keyword research. If you have a basic knowledge in ranking for profitable keywords that have moderate search volume like at least 300 monthly and keyword difficulty of 0-5, your article is just perfect to be published.

We accept only articles that have not been published either in part or in full in any other site before.

Your articles must be written for an audience and not for yourself. Let it be accessible to an audience. Let Google and other search engines should be able to crawl and understand your keywords.

What topics can you write on?

We have lots of categories on this blog. You can either choose to focus on researching and writing for one niche category or go viral for all the categories.

Our main categories includes: Make money online, Banking (advice, news, tips, mobile and internet banking etc), Browsing cheats tips and tricks, internet shopping, Gadgets reviews (Phones, Laptops, household), Android solutions, Internet advise and solution, TVs, Android Solutions, Banking, Career, Deals & Coupons, Free Browsing, Gadgets, Games, Internet Tips & Tricks,  Network Solutions, Online Shopping.

What other benefits do I get?

Your benefits are so numerous as we are very social and considerate.

You can benefit from getting a free domain name giveaway, hosting giveaway with NameCheap, get featured as best author of the month etc.

So your benefits are numerous.

How do you benefit this?

We will track all post performances and rate their performance to choose who is worth to take any prize each time we like to choose randomly. We track each post in the area of highest social shares, highest pageviews, and highest organic keyword or search referrals.

How to apply?

Send us an email at naijaincomestream @ gmail.com

Or better still, us the contact form to contact us with a subject line “Recruitment”