How to Open a Bank Account Online in Nigeria in 5 Minutes or Less

Gone are those days where we struggle to queue up in the bank with ₦2000 trying to open a student account. Now it’s easier to open a saving or current account online in Nigeria or any country in less than 5 minutes. 2010, the month of May, I was at the bank with 5k to open an account with Zenith Bank precisely, but yet I was turned down that the amount was too small. The good story is that today they make it easier to open and manage a bank account with your mobile phone right in the comfort of your time.

How can I open a Bank Account in Nigeria?

This is simple. When you open a bank account with any bank, you’ll discover a full spectrum of savings and current accounts and other banking products and services designed to help you meet your banking needs while making life easier and satiable.

To open a bank account in Nigeria is as easier as typing a web address of any bank you want into the address bar of your desired browser and clicking open account now.

Otherwise, walk into any desired bank without or little amount as low as ₦2000 to open an account.

What do you need to Bring with you to Open a Bank Account in Nigeria?

Everyone can easily open a bank account. But for the purpose of certain requirements and needs, you will need the following information, documents or things to open a bank account in Nigeria but not included with Online account opening in some cases.

  • Identification Card (Voters Card, Int’l Passports, Drivers license, National ID card or birth certificate)
  • Utility bill of recent month (Nepa bills or water bills)
  • 2 Passports photograph

How much Money do you need to open a Bank Account in Nigeria?

As of before as compared to my most painful story of how I was denied access to open an account in Zenith bank, it really takes much to open an account in some banks. But for some banks, it’s still the same thing today.

As a matter of fact, you can now open an account with as low as nothing at all (₦0.00).

GTbank has as low as zero balance to open an account likewise UBA and many more other banks.

Therefore, if you have as little as two thousand Naira only, why not open a bank account and start saving.

How Long does it take to Open a Bank Account in Nigeria?

Opening a bank account in Nigeria online or offline isn’t really stressful. It only takes as low as 5 minutes or less to complete the actions. For online account opening, everything depends on your network speed and browser responsiveness. But for offline account opening in Nigeria, you may only have a challenge of queuing up at the bank before being attended to.

Therefore, to be on the safer side, I encourage you to take advantage of the online account opening in Nigeria to save time.

You can know open account easily with most of these Nigerian Banks and Start connecting, be making payment, and be withdrawing cash at any cash point in Nigeria.

How to open Access Bank Account Online


Access Bank PLC is one of the leading banks in Nigeria with good and reliable service in terms of customer service and other consumer’s needs. To open an Access bank account is as simple as creating a Facebook account. Time has finally come to start making good saving for the future by opening an account online at your convenience.

The good news is that Access Bank Nigeria PLC, support online account opening so you don’t have to queue up in the banking hall trying to open an account. This is time-consuming as we are all busy with other business and office activities.

Requirements to open an Access Bank Account Online

  • A valid means of Identification – International passport, Driver’s license, or National ID card
  • Means of Address verification
  • 1 passport photograph
  • Residence permit (where applicable)

If you have all these, then move on and sign up here

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How to Open Diamond Bank Account Online Free

Diamond Bank is another bank in Nigeria that supports Online Account Opening. This is not like Access Bank though but there are common to each other.

Here, you may have to download the online form to your device and start the registration process by filling the form with correct information.

To do so, go here and sign up

First Bank Online Account Opening

First Bank Nigeria PLC is an old bank in Nigeria for years even before I was born. It’s been into existence over years. Technology has pushed them to make life easier for Nigerians by avoiding unnecessary time wasting waiting and queueing to open a bank account. With this beautiful consideration, First Bank Nigeria offer to assist you by providing access to opening an account online in less than 5 minutes with the help of a personal internet connection.

It only takes little processes to complete the registration which makes it more spectacular and recommendable in order to ease your banking experience.

  • Go to this page
  • Select an account type you wish to open
  • Follow the instructions that follow and complete the registration

What do I need to open my first bank account?

  • A valid means of Identification – International passport, Driver’s license, or National ID card
  • Means of Address verification ( Nepa bills, Water bills etc)
  • 1 passport photograph
  • Residence permit (where applicable)

GTB Online Account Opening in Nigeria

The Guaranteed Trust Bank of Nigeria has in a short while grown to become the most popular bank in Nigeria with a massive customer base and tend to increase in the number of customers in the banking hall at any time in point. Because of this reason, it’s a call to take on a self-service channel to enhance satisfaction and enjoy other benefits by saving yourself time.

It’s easier to open an account with GTB online in less than 5 minutes by just providing certain information that may be required of you to complete the process. You can as well get started by just dialling *737*0# on your mobile phone and follow the onscreen prompts. Once you sign up, your ten-digit account number (NUBAN) will be created automatically and sent to you via SMS. To get started with the online account opening with GTB, go to this page to get started.

Zenith Bank Online Account Opening

After registration, you will be required to visit any nearest Zenith Bank branch to get your account activated. While going for the activation, you will need to provide or go along with some valid documents not limited to:

  • A valid means of Identification – International passport, Driver’s license, or National ID card
  • Means of Address verification (Utility bills)
  • 2 passport photograph
  • Residence permit (where applicable)

Another advantage of this process is that you can open an account by dialling codes on your phone.

To get started, go to this page, Choose the account type and continue the process.

UBA Online Account Opening in Nigeria

UBA is one of the best African Bank that supports also online banking and online account opening. One of the best advantages of opening an account with UBA is the fact that they support Zero balance for students account. Unlike most other banks where you need at least 2k as a minimum balance.

To begins with the online account opening process, proceed to this page choose the account type and continue from there.

Skybank Account Opening Online

Lastly, the bank I will like to talk about on opening an account online in Nigeria is Skybank Nigeria PLC.

To start with Skybank account opening online, Go here.

Registration only takes less than 5 minutes and only require your signature and a passport photograph.

Opening an account online is the best way to easy start saving money in Nigeria to secure the future. It doesn’t have any limitation except with different account type that you may chose. Most times you don’t need to be internet expert in order to do this. You just have to be internet accessing basic.


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