Awoof: Stream YouTube on MTN for Free on YouTube 131 Pack

Hey, guys, this is another opportunity for you from NetworkGuideNigeria. We are happy to introduce to you another alternative to attend YouTube Seminars and stream all videos on YouTube for free or little subscription with “YouTube 131 Pack”.

How is this possible?

Since we are always in search for your good, we will be sharing how to activate MTN YouTube 131 plan and enjoy countless videos on YouTube for a little amount of data that cannot afford 2 minutes YouTube Streaming.

Last time we shared with you how to browse on 500MB on MTN with N25, and today is another opportunity to see how you can activate MTN YouTube 131 Pack free. 

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That was just a list of other interesting articles on the blog. Zoom further to activate your YouTube 131.

How to activate MTN YouTube 131 Streaming Pack


This YouTube Video Streaming Pack is a time-based data plan that allows you to watch videos on YouTube from a data enabled device. It’s available for all MTN Subscribers without extra fees or connectivity speed limitation.

To activate follow these steps

How to activate 1 hour YouTube Pack


  1. Text VP1 to 131 to process the plan
  2. Validity: 24 hours
  3. Time allocation: 1 Hour Streaming
  4. Price: only ₦ 150


How to activate 3 hours YouTube Pack


  1. Text VP3 to 131 to process the plan
  2. Validity: 24 hours
  3. Time allocation: 3 Hour Streaming
  4. Price: only ₦400
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