How to win up to ₦3000 every 24 Hours on Jumia Platform – Redeemable within seconds

How to win Free Vouchers and Coupons codes on Jumia for shopping? Then you are lucky today to have visited NetworkGuideNigeria.

No one actually knows about this Jumia Free vouchers trick yet but you are lucky to be winning free vouchers every 24 hours until the end of this promotion. (Black Friday).

How long is the promotion going to last? It’s absolutely 31 days which means you can win 31 vouchers before the end of this promotion.

Simply use the simple trick I shall be giving you here to even use this vouchers to pay for half of your products.

What is Jumia Free Voucher?


Jumia Free voucher is a wheel spinning programmed to work after every 24 hours for each Jumia customer. It uses account and cookies to personalize number of times you’ve won the voucher and cannot be repeated for that day.

How to win Free Voucher on Jumia for live

The above image is a voucher for NGN750 to shop on any product plus my normal 90 or 80% off then am only paying for products like 6%. This is too huge.

  1. Go to the Wheel spinning page or click on the below image 
  2. Spin and win NGN750 or more redeemable daily.
  3. Come back daily after 24 hours.


How is the hours calculated?

The hours are calculated from the very hour you clicked on the link and actually won the voucher.

Click the image below and spin for free


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