How to setup a CPA landing page: Very Simple One

Need to setup a CPA Landing Page for your CPA Promotion? you are in the right place and on the right post.

You really want to run a Facebook Ad but definitely you cannot run that Ad on Facebook directly using the CPA Link given to you so a Landing Page is best, because you can easily set it up and redirect users. When they click and gets on your landing page, they can be redirected to your Original CPA Link.

But before I show you how to create a CPA Landing Page for your promotion let’s check some few things for you!

What is CPA?

Usually referred to as Cost Per Action, CPA is the only way to make money online without making a sale. Unlike affiliate marketing where you are to make a sale before getting paid commission.

CPA networks pay you for as little as getting people to signup to a newsletter, downloading something etc.. You can join CPA lead, very simple to join and start promoting them right away and earn some money for yourself.

How to Create Landing Pages for CPA Promotion

You must have heard of landing pages. They are great way to promote CPA offers especially when you want to run an Facebook Adcampaign for your CPA promotion. 
Example of Cool Landing Page below:

Above is just one of landing pages. But I’ve got a really simple one, I designed it recently and I’m gonna show you how to do it in short time. See it here Open in new tab.

Now you see the above, straight to the Point and Clean and Neat

Now am going to show you how you can create a really simple Landing Page like that one.

I use InstaPage for designing my landing pages because to me it’s the best landing page ever and so I’d be using it for the tutorial.

First you Signup for Instapage note that you are entitled to 14 days free trial and then would be billed according to their pricing here

When you fill in the necessary details, you’d be taken to your dashboard.
Now you need to click on Create New Page: Now we are getting into setting up your new landing page.

From the Next Pop Up like this one below, Click Pick a template.

Now you have lot of templates to choose from, you can either select already made ones or select the Blank Template (I recommend this). So select Blank template.

You have all of the tools to designing and customizing your template. Tools like the signup form, links, etc. would help you design a cool landing page on Instapage.

When done, the last thing is to get the url you are going to be sending to people before they actually arrive at your landing page for conversation.

Now Click Publish and select the last option which is Demo Page.

Input any subdomain you’d like. If you are promoting amazon CPA offer, you could use something like

Now you have your landing page fully setup, start sending visitors to the landing page.

This is how to setup a cpa landing page to promote your cpa offers. 

On the next post I would teach you how to collect emails from visitors you send to landing page. This is to get in touch with them even before they click on the offer.

Enjoyed the Post

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