How to Register for FCMB Internet Banking easily and Start transacting Online: Pay Bills, Transfer Funds etc

How to Register for FCMB Internet Banking  easily and Start transacting Online: Pay Bills, Transfer Funds etc
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Are you a customer of FCMB and looking for a better way to bank without stress? you need the FCMB Internet Banking that helps you live a stress free banking life.

If you would like to register for the Internet Banking you are on the right post. Right Now am going to show you step by step the complete guide to register for it.

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Registering for FCMB Internet Banking is not as hard as you may have thought. As we all know, whatever you don’t know is like a god to you except you make an effort to know that thing, then you can know how easy it is to get it.

Right now on this post am going to share with you how you can register for your own FCMB Internet Banking and start making transactions.

What can you do with the FCMB Internet Banking? 

You can do almost everything a bank does when you operate fcmb internet banking and they include below

1.Transferring Funds from FCMB to FCMB or other banks
2. Pay Bills such as E-Bills, Airtime Recharge, DSTV/GOTv, Remita Payments, Wakanow Payments
3. Manage Requests such as Card Request, Cheque Book, Bank Draft, Mobile Banking, Block Verve Card and lots more.

With fcmb Internet Banking, you would not have to go to the ATM whenever you want to pay your REMITA (For Students), Recharge your GOTV (For home Stayers) etc.

So after seeing those things you can do with the fcmb internet Banking, its now time for me to share with you how you can register for yours.

How to Register for FCMB Internet Banking 

Just as I said in the title of this post, I added the word “easily” so there are not going to be any complex stuffs. Just follow the simple steps and you would get it done in just few minutes.

Step 1: Head in to FCMB Internet Banking registration page here and scroll down to where you see I disagree and I agree. Click I agree.

Step 2: In the next page that opens, you need to Enter your Account Details e.g your Account Number, Mobile Number, Email Address etc….

In the field for New Login Name, make sure you keep  it simple because that is what you would use in logging in to your FCMB Internet Banking. 

You need to register using your card details. This will enable you to view your Account Balance, Transfer Funds, Pay Bills, Purchase Airtime and more.So you need to click on the box having Select to select the debit card you have.

Registering without your card details will restrict the functions you can perform to only viewing your account balance.

Now when done, click on Submit now fill all necessary details in the next page.
You would be asked to Print it and take to your nearest bank branch for processing.

Print it and submit to your nearest branch and they would process it and within 24hours your FCMB Internet Banking would be activated.

All other necessary instructions would be given to you by your bank. e.g. the Login password.

This is how to register for FCMB Internet Banking.

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Happy Transactions.

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