How To Pay DSTV and GOTV Subscriptions With FCMB Mobile Plus

FCMB Mobile Plus gives you access to almost everything with your Bank. 
If you came across then it’s certain you searched for How to Pay your Dstv and Both subscriptions with FCMB Mobile Plus. 
I won’t go into what FCMB Mobile Plus is at the moment because we already covered that topic in the past. Should incase you missed it, you may read it here. 
Right on this post you are going to learn how you can pay for your DSTV and Gotv subscriptions with the FCMB Mobile Plus step by step. 
I suppose you have installed the App already.
Launch your FCMB Mobile Plus app and Login with your details 
Now follow the below carefully;

How To Pay DSTV and GOTV Subscriptions With FCMB Mobile Plus

1.Click on Payments 
2. Click on Bill Payments
3. Click on Cable TV
4. Select the Account you want to pay from 
5. Select Biller and choose the one you want to subscribe. Either Gotv, DSTV etc. 
6. Select the Product either Gotv lite, Plus etc.  
7. Enter Smart Card Number 
8. Enter the Amount 
9. Input the Amount
10. Enter your Mobile Phone Number
11. Finally enter your Transaction password 
12. Click Confirm and accept prompt. your DSTV or Gotv would be subscribed right away and you can start using it again.
This is all on How to Pay DSTV and Gotv subscriptions using the FCMB Mobile Plus. 
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