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How to Check Data Balance on Etisalat {9mobile} Free UAE and Nigeria

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You might have purchased Etisalat (9mobile) data bundle and probably want to monitor your balance to determine your next recharge possible for a subscription again. This is the best thing to do especially when you are the type that works online 24/7 like we do here. It’s too overwhelming to remember all the basic USSD codes for various networks that you use especially when you are a business type that uses more than two phone lines of a different network in an example of code to check data balance on either Etisalat, MTN, Airtel or Glo.

On this post, we are going to focus mainly on how to check data balance on Etisalat (9mobile), maybe about others in another post. In that case, I will advise you read step by step guide below.

Since we are focusing on making this tutorial base on two countries, I will be making this post in different subheadings to differentiate the one that applies to any country. You can also navigate through the “Table of Content” bellow

How to Check Data Balance on Etisalat {9mobile} in Nigeria in 3 Different Ways (9mobile data balance check)

I have read different blogs talked about this topic. But the good news here is that there’s a most shorter and fast (recommended) way to check your data balance on Etisalat (9mobile). This way many of the bloggers do not state it.

Way 1:

  • Using Etisalat (9mobile App)

If you wish to check your Etisalat data plan on any mobile device with just a few clicks, I will recommend you download the mobile app from your respective app store to easily click away and see your data balance.

Way 2:

  • Using USSD code 1

If you think you cannot download the app from the app store or maybe you are running out of memory space, then you can go with the USSD code to check the balance on 9mobile. This is the most simpler way though. I don’t recommend this first because, for me, it use to be very irritating for the message reply before I can see my data balance. To use this method, simply dial *228# then hit send or OK.

Way 3:

  • Using USSD Code 2:

This is the most recommended way to check your data balance on 9mobile in Nigeria. I have always used this method because it’s actually faster, reliable and does not send any reply for data balance details.

But if you are the type that love receiving those messages, you can use ussd code 1 instead.

To use this method, it can be applied in two easy ways. Either you type on your keyboard, *200# and follow the on-screen command (select 3 for data, then 2 for check balance) Or better still type everything straight as follows *200*3*2# and hit Yes/Send/Ok

How to Check Data Balance on Etisalat {9mobile} in UAE in 3 Different Ways

In the United Arab Emirates, a lot of transactions providing solutions attract an additional charge including VATs. It won’t be therefore¬†advised to keep making silly mistakes dialling wrong code or sending SMS to wrong numbers thereby attracting an extra service charge. When you follow our guide here, you will learn how to check your data balance without any mistakes.

Way 1:

  • Etisalat Emirates Mobile App

If you have a smart device phone, kindly visit your respectful app store and download Etisalat mobile app, sign up or sign in if you already have an account. Now you can carry out many transactions within the app.

Way 2:

  • Sending an SMS to 1010

Note: this will attract an additional fee of AED 0.30 per SMS excluding VAT.

To do this, simply type the word “data” and send to 1010. Ensure you have balance before attempting to send this.

Way 3:

  • Using USSD code

This is simple and free of charge.

Simply dial *170# and press Send/Ok/Yes

Now you have successfully checked your data bundle. Do leave us a comment to know your experience.

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