Gtbank customer care | How to Contact them

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Gtbank customer care number is open to all customers to lay their complaints directly or personal inquiries regarding banking and personal account to issues.

As a trusted Bank, you can reach the gtb customer service representatives either by phone, email or walk-in office to lay down your banking complains.

How to Contact Gtbank Customer Care by Phone?

Gtbank provides their customers with access to phone call customer service for free. As a matter of fact,  you can contact Gtbank director with your phone instead of walking into any of their branches to request for access to speak with the manager or any of the banking personnel.

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To reach them on phone call or text messages, simply dial¦+234-700-4826-66328, +234-1-4480000, +234 802900 2900, +234 803900 3900.

Note: it won’t be nice to contact a business number when you do not have any important, business-related discussion with an office concerned.

Prepare to answer some few questions for verification purposes regarding your account when calling to make an enquiry about your personal account.

How to Contact Gtbank Customer Care by Email Address

The world is evolving and turning digital. Gtbank provides the atmosphere for her dearly customers to reach them with their various complains by emailing. This means you can reach the GTB customer service representatives by sending your complains to the designated email address reserved for customers complaints.

Unlike the usual phone calls where there may be network coverage issues, Airtime consumption, battery consumption or possibly, working hours closing text, emailing platforms allow you to lay complain and wait for a reply when the receiver is online.

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To contact or forward your respective complains to Gtbank customer care by email, write and send your emails to be [email protected]

Note: do not spam their inbox with unnecessary complains, am sorry they may not be attended to as deserved.

These are quickest and stay at home means to contact Gtbank customer service…  You can also use a walk-in banking branch near you to make your various complains while the attendant takes care of your problems.

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