FCMB Internet Banking vs FCMB Online Banking: The Surprising Differences

You may be wondering about these two words; fcmb internet banking and fcmb online banking: are they any differences? In the main looking at the english meaning you suppose both to be thesame meaning. Yes but unfortunately not in this aspect.

Though if you were to classify it (fcmb INTERNET banking and fcmb ONLINE banking) considering the highlighted word, you would ofcourse call both to mean thesame thing.

That is why on this post am going to clear your doubts as to what functions the both serve in FCMB Banking Platform.

But before I go into that what is exactly Fcmb internet banking and fcmb online banking?

About Fcmb Internet Banking and fcmb online banking

This two makes banking easier for fcmb customers by providing them with an easy way to bank. Which means as an fcmb customer with the help of fcmb internet banking and fcmb online banking he/she could be able to transfer funds, pay bills, receive loans, etc.

Now you know the main purpose of the fcmb internet banking and fcmb online banking from the above. Now am going to give you the differences.

Differences between FCMB Internet Banking and FCMB Online Banking

1. FCMB Online Banking is an APP, While FCMB Internet Banking is a Website

The first thing you need to know is that the FCMB Online Banking is actually an APP (operate on your mobile phone). It is now known as the FCMB Mobile Plus that lets you carryout transactions e.g. transfer funds, pay bills etc. You simply install the APP from google play store and you register. While the fcmb internet banking is operated from a web browser. i.e. you visit their website and register for it; you will always need a browser to access your internet banking.

Also see;

2. FCMB Online Banking Transaction Limit vs FCMB Internet Banking Transaction LimitĀ 

FCMB Internet Banking daily transaction limit is N500,000 for each transaction while the daily transfer limit is N1,000,000 but you canĀ  ask your bank to increase the limit.

FCMB Online Banking (FCMB Mobile Plus) daily transaction limit at default is N5,000 but you can ask your bank to increase it.

3. Token vs No-token

FCMB internet banking requires a token code for transaction while the Fcmb online banking does not.

Similarities (FCMB Online Banking vs FCMB internet banking

1. Internet is required for both to work
2. You can login to your FCMB Online Banking (FCMB Mobile Plus) using your fcmb Internet Banking login details
3. You can carry out transactions e.g. transfer funds, pay bills, request loan etc.. with the both platform.

Now you know the difference between the FCMB Internet Banking and Online Banking (Known as the FCMB Mobile Plus).

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