How to Borrow Credit from Etisalat (9mobile), Glo, MTN and Airtel

Today am gonna teach you how to borrow credit from Etisalat (9mobile), Glo, MTN and Airtel.

Ever heard of this tutorial genuinely? I will give you detailed and most working tricks to safely borrow credit from this networks even when you owe them before.

They are some ugly situations you may find yourself into and may require putting a call through to one or two persons.

Have you wondered it? In some cases, it looks like you can’t get anywhere around to purchase airtime smartly. But in some scenarios, you discover you don’t have the cash to purchase airtime.

This means your connections could be at stake.

Good news is that you can borrow enough airtime smartly from Etisalat, Glo, MTN and Airtel.

How to Borrow Credit from Etisalat (9mobile) Nigeria


Before you do this ensure your balance is below ₦65 before you attempt this.

Note: you must have been in the network for 3 months and must have recharged 3k+ with your SIM.

Having passed that stage head on to borrowing your airtime from 9Mobile (Etisalat) free.

On your keypad, type *665#>>>Choose Loan Amount>>wait for a reply for either a successful or unsuccessful attempts. Enjoy your credit.


How to Borrow Credit from Glo Nigeria.


Just like Etisalat, you can borrow airtime from Globacom for free without registration.

Glo as we know is a leading Voice network in Nigeria with high subscribers. If you are using Glo and wish to borrow credit from them due to one or two things that might have hindered you from purchasing airtime from anywhere, Globacom is happy to offer you opportunity to borrow credit for free and pay later on your next recharge.

Are you ready to borrow? Take these steps.

Globacom is the most secured network to borrow airtime from. They take security measures very seriously. Because of this, you will be required to create a four digits person identify number (PIN).

You will be required to enter this PIN each time you attempt to borrow credit from Glo.

This is reason being that they are fraudsters out there who may want to borrow airtime with your phone without your notice. So follow this steps how to do this

1. Dial *321# to create four digits PIN e.g 1234.

2. To borrow Now. Dial *321*PIN*Amount# to borrow e.g *321*1234*200#

3. Send and wait for a confirmation message.

How to Borrow Credit on MTN.


Wow,  is now MTN. I know this was the opportunity you were waiting for. Borrowing airtime from MTN takes just few seconds which am gonna show you how.

While MTN is easier to grand you loan of any amount, it’s also important to note that you can not borrow if your balance is not ₦7 below.

Do you qualify for this criteria?

You can now proceed.

  1. Dial *606#
  2. Follow command and choose 2 for request airtime credit
  3. Choose the amount
  4. Waah! You’ve got airtime to pay later.

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How to Borrow Credit from Airtel Nigeria


Having covered all other networks credit grant, give a trial on Airtel if you are an Airtel subscriber.

Follow this steps too to get your maximum balance.

  1. Dial *500*Amount# e.g *500*100#
  2. Second option: Dial *500# and follow further command to choose your desired amount.

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Enjoy your free Airtime.

Did it work for you? Leave a comment and share it to educate others. This will give us more zeal to teach you more.


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