Airtel Prepaid Data Plans Subscription Codes, Price and Validity Nigeria

Need the complete list of airtel prepaid data plans? We got it here for your perusal but before then, let’s check out.

What the heck is airtel prepaid data plans used for?


Lots of the airtel subscribers are looking for various ways to browse the Internet at little cost you definitely can’t expect to use your airtime in surfing the net.

You’re going to lose alot that is why you need this prepaid data plans to help you subscribe what that suits your needs.

Airtel Prepaid Data Plans Price, Validity and Subscription


You can easily get this info from the official Airtel Website, click here.

It’s with the complete list you may not get on any other site.

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What to Know about Data Plans?


If you are a total beginner to buying data for surfing the internet, here are couple of things you should take note of

  • You must have a minimum airtime depending on the data plan you go for. Some cost around N1000 monthly which is very good.


  • After you subscribe to any of the data plan, your airtime for sure will be deducted and data credited to you
  • You should subscribe for Monthly plan as it helps you save more money than when you buy daily or weekly plans
  • Data Plans monthly subscription does not mean it will serve you for the whole of that month, depending on how you use it. It can be exhausted even within a week especially if you are the type that loves streaming videos online on YouTube then be sure ready to exhaust the Data anytime sooner.
  • Data Plan is different from your normal airtime. This means you can not call family and friends with your Data


How to Check your Airtel Prepaid Data Plan Balance


Airtel Data Plans can always be checked using *141# and following the onscreen

Options or you can as well use *140# you will get a notification of your remaining data balance.

Every beginner surely has alot as time goes on however practice makes perfect.

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Hope you can now subscribe to airtel prepaid data plans easily without needing the help of any one.

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