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3 Genuine Ways Students Can Make Money Online and Pay Their Tuition Fees with their Android Phones Free

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Guys am sorry to have come out boldly today to reveal experts top means of making money online as students in the colleges and universities. Some time ago I also started the same journey right from my secondary school days. I was very eager and optimistic that one day is gonna cash a fish from the river I was fishing. But all efforts proof abortive as many of my top friends in the industry of blogosphere and internet marketing could not help me.

I was still passionate and loved sharing little I know with my few blog readers. Then I already started blogging. My story was a bit confusing as I didn’t have any direction. Not to go into it in details. I woke up one day and realize what I love doing is searching the internet and trying to do the same thing am seeing on the net.

The whole summary of my long story is that I started somewhere in those days, fishing from a long river that has no end but full of vision and encouragement. It wasn’t as easy as thought though because I had no background already.

I began to bookmark some tips and tricks that could help me to make a dime. Behold, I got some newbie friendly means students can pay some of their bills including buying textbooks or handouts, changing their clothes in the campus, paying tuition fees and so on. Yes, you head me right. I say these means can fetch you money that can pay part of your bills.

Gone are those days where we believed in difficulties… The fabulous truth is that anything on earth that you are doing and doing it right and perfectly, someone is there that will be your customer. But most a times, maybe God wants to test our temperament by delaying our destiny, success, progress etc. Because of that many of us become too tired to keep on trying the process of the experts.

The fact is that; only those who endure actually make it. That’s why the kingdom of God also belongs to the enduring Christians. Follow this few steps and start making money online like the experts are doing.

3 Ways to Start Making Money Online as a Student without Investment


If you are a student already, you can read, you can write, you have a phone, you have a laptop or you can afford N100 to buy 30 minutes internet allowance in a cyber café then start making money online.

I was in a café where a guy bought 5 hours with his own money and was using it to watch p0rn. He may be satisfying his desire and interest but the future will tell his struggles today. Instead of doing that with the little break time you have, invest your time and not money in this 11 ways.

Write eBooks

You may be talented in any skill or maybe knows something you think is favourable to one or two persons or an idea that’s still new in any niche. You are losing money already with that. Create an eBook to sell to people who want such solution. For example, you might be someone who has recently lost 1 pound weight in one week. Wow… this is fabulous and interesting. Do you know people are out there who are looking for genuine information to lose weight? Then why not build a business around this area with your experience? Create an eBook stating your processes with a step by step guide if possible with images. Then sell to the right audience. It will be more profitable if you are using yourself as a practical example in this niche. Note; don’t attempt to solve more than one problem in one eBook.

You can also sell your ebooks through; SEOclerks, Selar.co, Payhip.com, Okadabooks, Amazon et.

Start Freelancing Business

Freelancing is the simplest way to start making money on autopilot.

With 3 years of experience in freelancing, I can boost to you that, starting a freelancing business is as simple as reading ABC. The truth is the minutes you are using to read this section is too much to use and start freelancing. I have made a good amount of money in USD through freelancing even more than I have earned through blogging.

You can start with the most popular freelancing sites like Fiverr (my favourite), SEOclerks, Upwork and more others.

Note to start making money with Fiverr even without any skill, any experience or anytime, I have a comprehensive guide that will help you start making money without using your time. Access the Freelancing course here.


If you already know a skill or idea just like ebook sales program, you are just a half away from making your first sales. Create a digital course that will either require buyers to subscribe before accessing it. This can be video course, video narration, Animation or PDF. Just make sure you are selling it to the right audience as already proposed through ebook sales section. You can also Learn profitable skills like web design, app development, software development, SEO, HTML/CSS etc for free and upgrade later with Pluralsight. Read full Pluralsight Review here

Make Money with Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program is a leading way for newbies to easily start making money online without having to pay for any monthly subscription. Basically, many affiliates pay as high as $200 (N72,100) per sales. As a Nigerian, you can start with Nigeria common affiliate programs that don’t require a blog or a website.

I recommend;

  • Jumia Affiliate Program
  • Konga Affiliate Program
  • EBooks sales Affiliate Programs etc

This simple three methods will help you start making money online as a student. This will help you go a long way to pay some of your common bills like utility bills, clothing, house rent and possibly tuition fees. Hope this helps? You can share your opinion in the comment box.

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