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2017 Jumia Black Friday Deals in Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Ivory Coast

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The Jumia Black Friday is a special event that usually takes place every year following the normal standard Americans BlackFriday day usually after Thanksgiving. It has developed and turns to a special day for deals and discounts on products inclusively to Phones, Computers, Fashion and the rest.

2017 Jumia Black Friday phone deals.

2017 Jumia black Friday phone prices

2017 Jumia Black Friday phone prices favour me?, Is Jumia black Fridays Phone specs, how can I buy?

It’s a special time to make some savings while you shop some good products ranging from household products to lifestyle products.

On this special day of Jumia Black Friday day, you will be offered closely up to 90% OFF on some selected products that will be listed on this blog during this time.

You can take advantage and make some savings towards this time to save yourself from stress and double expenses. Good news is that all products will be delivered to your doorsteps. On this day you may stand a chance to receive products without shipping fees after a woofing discount of up to 90% off.

What more?

Pay on delivery or online using your credit cards shopping with your local cards without double charging. Unlike foreign online shopping where you will be debited in foreign currency thereby facing the crisis of currency exchange rates. Here, Jumia made it available for all countries involved to shop in their own currencies using their credit/debit cards (MasterCards/Visa/Verve Cards).

So now what?

When is the 2017 Jumia Black Friday Sales Date?


Jumia black Fridays have the best deals reserve to take place on the 12th of this month across the selected countries as listed below. Ensure you open it with the best browser, preferably, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC browser and or Opera updated version.

Quick Tips to help you Gain from Jumia Black Friday Day

Tips #1: Save or Bookmark this page

Bookmark or save this page so on that day you will easily find this page and we will lead you to buy hand to the Jumia Black Friday Page where you are going to receive discounts and best deals offer from top sellers. As a partner in Jumia Program, we are going to make sure that we list the best products that will interest you to buy on Jumia Black Friday.

Tips #2: Subscribe to our feed RSS

To receive all updates daily related to Jumia black Friday and the rest of other deals, kindly subscribe to our newsletter to be updated straight to your inbox. We will never spam or share your details with anyone. You can unsubscribe anytime.

Tips #3: Ensure Constant Data on your Phone

To stay active and receive the best offers and maybe vouchers offers too from Network Guide Nigeria as an affiliate of Jumia platform, ensure you have enough data subscription or you may explore our free browsing category to get latest free browsing tips to help you browse during this period.

Tips #4: Follow our Social Media for Latest Press Release

Another tip to help you not lose this opportunity which comes only ones a whole year is to follow our social media channels.

By doing this, you will be informed on our social media pages to quickly take advantage.

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Tips #5: Outline some important things you are going to buy

Another way to set up your goal towards 2017 Black Friday Sales is to by giving a detailed draft of the items you are going to need in this period. Make a comprehensive list of the items you are going to and ensure to add the estimated cost and then make this budget amount available before this period. After the Black Friday day check the actual amount you bought the goods and you will be amazed of the savings you’ve made on this deal.

Tips #6: Take action by bookmarking this page

Take note of all these offers by bookmarking our web blog to get notified. Don’t worry, we are going to send you details of the offers.

My Take and Experience with Jumia Black Friday


Jumia Black Friday is a day that looks somehow scammy due to high discounts and deals on products. But have you ever asked yourself how this offers manage to come?

Ones in a while businesses gots to celebrate their customers by discounting offers and offering deals and coupons.

I have experienced the Jumia Black Friday Deals almost four times and have hard lots of experience in the platforms.

Here are my little tips:

To buy any products on Jumia, Jumia have made it a global business which means you can buy through Jumia, pay in Nigeria Naira while your products will be shipped from overseas to you and delivered to your doorsteps right here in Nigeria. This is called Jumia Global.

You can buy and pay in Nigeria while Jumia takes care of the sales and delivery within 1-4 business days. This is under Jumia Express. So, whichever way you shop, don’t be scared for any reason to shop any product of your choice.

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